Wooden Summer Houses – 5 Types of Garden Summer Houses to Help Transform Your Garden

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A garden summer house is a great way to transform your garden or backyard. They can also be a sound investment as they are in effect adding to the overall value of your property, by providing you with an extra room (or even rooms) in your house.

Wooden summer homes can act as a focal point for your garden barbecues or summer parties, but can also be used as an outside office, when you are working from home, or just a place of solitude; somewhere to go during the day to have a cup of coffee and read a book or the morning newspaper.

Nowadays, you are able to purchase a garden summer house from specialist websites online, where you can chose from a wide range of wooden summer homes that cover all styles and budgets. Below we consider five different types that might be right for you. Choose from one of these wooden summer homes and transform your garden this year.

Low Cost

There are some great examples of low cost summer houses on the market that offer a no-frill functional outdoor room, which can be used as simply a place to get away from it all, or as a focal point for a barbecue or other type of outdoor party. These types of wooden summer houses can give your house an extra room without breaking the bank.

With Verandah

A slightly more expensive type of garden summer house are those that have a verandah. As well as an extra feature that can be used to sit out on and enjoy the garden on a hot summer's day, the summer house with verandah is also more visually pleasant than a more standard economy summer house is.


Corner summer houses usually actually fulfill a very specific design need and can make great use of the space in your garden. The emphasis here is often more on functionality rather than aesthetics, however, it is possible to find some appealing looking corner summer homes at specialist websites online.


Meanwhile, octagonal summer houses are all about style and are usually at the higher price end of the mid-range garden summer houses. This can be a stunning addition to your garden, but you need to be sure that it is actually a good fit to your house and garden before you commit.

Insulated Garden Buildings

Right at the top end of the garden summer house range are the insulated garden buildings, which can be used for all manner of things, such as an outside office or a work studio and are in effect a proper extension of your home. Insulated garden buildings do not come cheap, but bear in mind that they may well add to the saleability of your house in the future.

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