A Guide to the Leading Gas Barbecues for 2019

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Barbecuing has never been more popular than it has become in recent years and 2012 looks set to continue the trend with great gas and charcoal barbecues from restructured companies such as Weber, Broil King and Beefeater along with a host of barbecue accessories to enhance your cooking experience , including cooking and cleaning utensils, seasoning chips and much more.

Weber's innovative and versatile Q Series is incredibly popular with beginners and experienced BBQ users alike, starting with the compact and portable Q100 which is great for trips to the beach, picnics at home or quiet evening on the patio. Next in the series is the Q200, the mid-sized Q barbecue, which comes with its own stand and can also be used with the Weber permanent cart for portability. The largest Q barbecue is the Q300, with an impressive 464inch² cooking grape area and super strong design the Q300 is the big brother of the Q range and with two burners, you can easily grill or roast great tasting food.

If you are more of a fan of charcoal, Weber's Premium Charcoal BBQ is exceptional and this model is available in 3 sizes and a variety of colors, the Premium Charcoal BBQ benefits from iconic design, quality engineering, and high spec features to enhance and simplify your barbecue experience.

If you are looking for a more man-sized BBQ, look no further than Broil King's Signet 90 with its heavy cast iron cooking grids which offer superb heat retention to quickly sear foods, locking in juices and flavor and a large, deep over making the Signet 90 ideal for convection cooking of large roasts. The Signet 90 also has a rotisserie burner and a side burner, giving it the power to satisfy the most demanding outdoor chef.

Beefeater's Discovery range offers all the hallmarks of Australian barbecue tradition but with a modern edge. Offering both grill and flat plate these BBQs allows you to cook 'lid up' for favorites such as steak, burgers and sausages or 'lid down' for more adventurous oven cooked treats.

Finally, like any kitchen, a good barbecue needs lots of gadgets and accessories, Weber and Broil King offer a wide range of cooking utensils and tool sets, cleaning equipment for maintenance of your BBQ, covers to keep your BBQ clean and dry when not in use and aprons and BBQ gloves to complete your role as outdoor master chef.

Source by John PM Jones